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We’re on a mission to make clean eating taste delicious.

Eating clean
Certified Good Stuff

Paleo and Keto-Certified

We love certifications. We’ve got some others too, like Certified Gluten-Free and Non-GMO Project Verified.

No Suugar

No Refined Sugar. Ever.

The basis of every healthy eating plan is to reduce sugar intake. We’ve got you covered here.

Gluten and Soy Free

Gluten & Soy Free

We work in that creamy goodness and umami flavor using ingredients like coconut milk and coconut aminos.


Meat Raised without Hormones or Antibiotics

We’re all about food you can feel good about.

Dinner in 5 is as easy as 1–2–3!

Our entrees cook up in 5 minutes with these simple steps:

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Product Reviews

Our easy, flavorful foods get a lot of love. Find out why.

"I'm seriously considering drinking the sauce right now."


"These potatoes taste like they came from heaven."


"We devoured it! Can’t wait to order and try more."


"My mouth is watering just thinking about it!"



General Tso's Salmon
General Tso's Salmon

You’ve heard of General Tso’s Chicken but have you ever tried General Tso’s Salmon? SO GOOD. We love this recipe because it’s simple to make and only requires 5 ingredients–perfect to add to your weeknight meal plan.

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Korean BBQ Chicken and Mint Watermelon Salad Bowls
Korean BBQ Chicken and Mint Watermelon Salad Bowls

It’s watermelon time! We’ve teamed up with Taylor Farms to create a fresh show-stopping chicken and salad watermelon bowl! This easy-to-make chopped salad features Korean BBQ Chicken, watermelon balls, and roasted watermelon seeds! Add creamy feta, chopped mint, and romaine lettuce and toss with watermelon lime vinaigrette for that watermelon wow-factor!

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Mongolian Beef and Veggie Kebabs
Mongolian Beef and Veggie Kebabs

Need a tasty eye-catching entree? Mongolian Beef & Veggie Kebabs definitely have that wow-factor! And you know, Kevin’s entrees are always healthy and Keto friendly! The soy-free Mongolian sauce is delicious on sous-vide beef and on vegetables! So grab your skewers, it’s time to make Mongolian Beef and Veggie Kebabs!

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“The flavor in each meal packs a punch.”
“No one will be able to tell they are keto- or paleo-friendly unless you tell them.”
“From tantalizing sauces and seasonings to mouthwatering heat-and-eat entrées, this Paleo-inspired line is as easy as it gets for meal prep.”
“An incredible line of simmer sauces ranging from tikka masala to teriyaki.”
“We’re all about these chicken breast strips that come in a sweet and spicy bulgogi sauce.”
“Kevin’s Natural Foods makes it easy to serve up hearty, flavorful meals— without the added carbs.”