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    Non-Perishable Items Only
    (Sauces): 3 to 7 Business Days

  • We do our best to ship on time, every time. Every once in a while there may be delays with the shipping carrier. If your order hasn’t arrived by the delivery date on your order confirmation email, reach out to our Customer Service Team and we will help look into this for you: info@kevinsnaturalfoods.com

    1. We make every effort to ensure each box arrives at your doorstep with all entrées cold to the touch. We carefully pack our boxes with insulated liners and refrigerants to maintain appropriate temperatures during transit and delivery.
    2. Once your entrees arrive, we advise you place them in the refrigerator immediately.
    3. Depending on the season and temperature in your area, you may opt to order earlier in the week so your entrees arrive within 1-2 days from the time you placed your order.

    We ship to all locations in the continental United States. (Sorry, but we do not currently ship to Alaska, Hawaii, etc.)

    Heat & Eat Entrées: These can be stored in the freezer (good for 365 days) or in the fridge (good for 30 days from delivery). If you decide to freeze the entrée, we recommend allowing it to thaw in the fridge prior to cooking.
    Recipe Sauces: Sauce pouches are shelf stable and can be stored in your pantry -- no need to refrigerate. Once opened, please store remaining sauce in a sealed container in the fridge and finish within 5 days from opening.
    Glass Jar Sauces: Glass jar sauces are shelf stable and can be stored in your pantry -- no need to refrigerate. Once opened, please store remaining sauce in the fridge and finish within 30 days from opening.
    Riced Cauliflower: You will find the expiration date on the top right corner of the packaging. Store in the refrigerator and do not freeze.

    The entrees are designed to be two good-size adult portions. Pair them with your favorite side dish for a complete meal!

    If purchased in-store: The entrée dating procedure varies by retail store. Most expiration dates can be found on the front of the entrée, in the top right corner (next to the 5-digit Lot Number). However, there are some stores we partner with that are responsible for dating the entrées at the store level with a sticker. The location of the sticker will vary per store. If you have trouble finding your expiration date, please email info@kevinsnaturalfoods.com with the Store Name and Address and we'll be happy to assist you!

    If purchased online:: The entrées will have an expiration date of 30 days upon delivery if stored in the fridge and 365 if stored in the freezer.

    “Sous-Vide” is a gourmet cooking technique invented by French chefs. It literally means “under vacuum”. Here’s how it works: First, the meat is vacuum-sealed in a plastic pouch and cooked in a hot water bath set to a precise temperature. The meat cooks in its own juices to the perfect doneness for maximum tenderness. The result is fork-tender, fully-cooked protein that is ready for you to heat and serve in less than 5 minutes.

    We use ingredients that reflect the foods that were available in nature during the Paleolithic era. Our Paleo-Certified products avoid refined sugars, artificial flavors, grains, legumes, and dairy. There are a lot of ways to interpret which foods qualify as “Paleo”. We have adopted the standards established by The Paleo Foundation.

    Our Keto-Certified products are designed to strictly limit carbohydrates to less than 2g per 0.5oz in accordance with the standards established by The Paleo Foundation found here.

    Yes. All of our products our certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten Intolerance Group

    We use Ghee in some of our products. As part of our food safety protocol, it is segregated so that it is only present in items that list it on the label.

    Yes! A selection of our Recipe Sauces are Vegan-Friendly! We list the ingredients for each product on our website, so you can double check prior to ordering! Click Here to find your favorite flavor.

    There are no peanuts in any of our meals, and no peanuts in our production facility. The only nuts in the facility are almond and coconut (we use coconut milk in many of our sauces). And as part of our food safety protocol, they are segregated so that they are only present in items that list it on the label.

    The insulation and ice packs we use to keep the product cold are costly. What’s more, we need to ship the boxes expedited via UPS (2 Day Air) in order to get them to you as quickly as possible so that we maintain the appropriate temperatures for the safety of your food. Every order costs around $30 just for the shipping fees alone depending on the destination. In order to lower your costs, we have added pricing tiers, the more you buy the more you save.

    Yes! Once you get your entrée, you have the option to store them in the freezer (good for 365 days) or in the fridge. We suggest you don’t freeze our Riced Cauliflower.

    If you have a question we didn’t answer, please email us at info@kevinsnaturalfoods.com

    Entrée Cooking Instructions


    Sauté the chicken for 1-2 mins on each side. The chicken comes fully-cooked (using 'sous-vide' cooking technique). You're just giving it a nice sear.


    Add our signature Paleo/Keto-Certified sauce to the pan, let it simmer for a minute, and mentally prepare for an explosion of flavor.


    Pair your entrée with your favorite side dish, add a garnish if you're feeling fancy, and serve it up. Take all of the credit... you've earned it.

    Customer feedback


    It is DELICIOUS! Finally easy entrées that don't taste like left overs. Quick, easy, and even healthy! Our new go-to while at home.


    Loving your entrees thank you so much! Exactly what we needed: Healthy, yummy and quick. With the little one I just don't have time to cook anymore!


    So easy everyone can make these and they taste amazing! Healthier, quicker and cheaper than take out!