Benefits of The Paleo Diet
The Paleolithic diet, Paleo for short, is a dietary plan based on the habits of our ancestors during the Paleolithic era - which lasted until around 10,000 BCE. Also called a Stone-Age diet, Paleo is designed to have us eating only the foods that could have been available to our ancestors during the aforementioned period.
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Paleo Diet Snacks
The Paleo diet is based on the foods that would have been available to our ancestors, before around 10,000 BCE. By removing processed foods, it aims to provide a diet that is balanced and suited to our native gut biome.
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paleo thanksgiving
If you are lucky enough to get to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast this holiday season, consider skipping the overindulgence and instead making a healthy twist on your traditional Thanksgiving meal by making it Paleo.
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healthy holiday
The holidays can be a time to recharge, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and share time with the people you love. For many of us, however, they are also associated with increased stress and unhealthy habits. With the right resources, even the Grinches among us can have a healthier and more pleasant holiday experience. Here’s some advice on how to stay physically and emotionally healthy over the holidays.
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ghee benefits
Introduction: Beloved by Indian and Pakistani cooks and social media influencers, ghee is an ingredient that is gaining popularity as an alternative to butter and cream. Does ghee live up to the hype? To find out, read on! Reading time:...
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