The Ultimate Clean Eating Hack: Kevin’s Sous-Vide Entrées

kevin's sous vide

How can we make it remarkably easy to eat clean without sacrificing flavor?

That is the question we spend most of our waking time focusing on. We started by tackling the center of the plate. Let’s face it, dealing with raw chicken takes time (and is a little gross :) What if you could enjoy the most tender chicken you’ve ever had without the hassle of chopping, long cook times, or sanitizing the kitchen?

Enter our Sous-Vide Chicken Entrées (pronounced soo-veed). Thanks to the French’s inventive cooking method and our chefs’ 30+ year history making sauces, we are able to handle 90% of the legwork by preparing the ingredients we use in our entrées in advance. Here’s how it works…

Sous-Vide Chicken

Sous-Vide literally translates to “under vacuum” in French because the food is vacuum-packed prior to cooking. Instead of relying on the scorching hot temperatures of a frying pan, grill, or oven to cook your chicken (which often reach north of 400°), we cook it in a hot water bath set to a precise temperature. The result: fork-tender chicken breast that has been cooked to the absolute perfect doneness in its own juices, so it is ridiculously moist. That is why the country’s top restaurants have embraced this cooking technique. What’s more, we spend a painstaking amount of time trimming the chicken breast and are obsessed with making sure that there are no bad bites or gristle in any of our entrées. And because you like to keep it clean, our chicken has been raised locally to our production facility in Stockton, CA, without the use of antibiotics or hormones.

All About the Sauce!

The perfect companion for fork-tender chicken breast is a mouthwatering sauce. Our chefs spent more than 30 years learning how to make sauces taste so good that people literally want to drink them (true story). But, it was the last 2 years that really put their skills to the test when I asked them to re-design their most popular sauces using only Paleo-approved ingredients, while also keeping the carbs low enough to work for people following the Keto Diet. After an exhausting amount of revisions (picture Bill Murray in Groundhog Day), they pulled it off. We threw out all of our soy sauce, corn starch, and refined sugar. Today, the shelves in our development kitchen are stocked with coconut aminos, tapioca starch, and monk fruit instead. Not only did the sauces meet our strict standards for clean eating, but even sophisticated palates can’t tell the difference between our Paleo/Keto-certified sauces and our original sugar-packed conventional sauces. That was the impossible feat that I still am amazed at every time I eat our products.

Quick Cooking + Perfect Plating

Sure, the sauce is the main flavor component, but it is also the key to the quick-cooking method that make our entrées so popular: Hot Pan + Quick Sear + Light Simmer. Since the chicken is fully-cooked and the sauce is prepped, whipping our entrées up is unbelievably simple. Get a frying pan nice and hot, add your favorite oil (we like avocado oil), sear the chicken for 1-2 mins on each side, and simmer it in the sauce for 1 min. The result is two Instagram-worthy plates filled with large portions of golden brown chicken breast coated in a beautiful five-star sauce. And, if you are in a huge hurry, feel free to skip the pan and clean up, and heat it up in the microwave in the recyclable tray we provide.

If you want to partake in this culinary miracle :), you can find our entrées at these retailers

I hope you can feel the TLC we put into our entrées and that they make your life a little easier. Please let us know what you think of them. We read and react to every single comment or suggestion, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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