A Custom Keto Diet, Tailored to You

Custom Keto Diet

What is the custom keto diet plan, and how does it work?

There's a big gap between simply wishing to follow a keto diet and actually implementing a satisfying meal plan.

If you've ever wanted to change the way you eat, you know that weight loss and improved nutrition are logistical hassles: How do I plan my meals? How do I add variety? How do I ensure that I'm following the rules of the diet?

We are, as a people, busier and more distracted than ever before. Researching the ketogenic diet is hard enough. Building a new meal plan is even harder.

Dieting made simple

Thankfully, certain knowledgeable persons have devised solutions to these hurdles. Renowned nutritionist Rachel Roberts pioneered a custom keto diet program, called Custom Keto Diet, which provides detailed guidelines for "ketoers," from what is keto diet, grocery lists to recipes, with nutritional information every step of the way.

This custom keto diet plan works by taking a detailed survey of the dieter, calculating an individualized keto meal plan, and providing instructions for groceries and cooking.

Several have followed Roberts' model. The purpose of this blog is not to compare these or offer custom keto diet reviews, but rather to provide clarity on what these programs offer and why one might choose to use them.

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What is a personalized keto diet?

A personalized keto diet plan is a detailed nutritional strategy, developed by experts and specifically designed to make losing weight and reaping all the other benefits of the keto diet easy and intuitive.

A good custom keto diet program will be individual to you: your current health, your lifestyle, and your goals (including body weight and health benefits such as improved blood pressure).

Your included keto meal plan will incorporate your food preferences, turning out delicious keto meals made of the foods you love!

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Teriyaki-style Chicken Stir-fry
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What is the most successful keto diet?

The most successful keto diet is the one that's made for you! The most important keystone of a successful fat-burning diet is the precision of your macronutrient, or macro, intake.

The keto diet is high in dietary fat, moderate in protein, and almost devoid of carbohydrates.


The optimal balance of these in terms of caloric value is ~70% fats, ~25% protein, and >5% carbs.

A custom keto diet plan will calculate these macros for your body's needs and convert them to easy-to-follow meal plans.

Following these macros with your personalized diet plan will bring you into ketosis steadily, making it exceedingly easy to lose weight and keep it off, without ever starving yourself.

Keto meal serving containing protein, carb and fat

What makes a good custom keto diet plan

A good diet is one that you can stick with, that doesn't restrict your food preferences and prohibitively limit the calories you can eat.

One of the benefits of ketogenic diets is that, once the body is in ketosis, hunger cravings are significantly diminished. Your body is losing fat constantly, without the discomfort of hunger!

Cravings, Cravings

Hunger is one of the top reasons that other diets fail. The urge to eat wins out in the end and often leads to binging that can reset the gains you've made and increase your body weight.

Even when foods seem off limit, you can often find low-carb options.  An early question is often: can you drink alcohol on a keto diet?  While the answer is usually no, there are some white wines and liquors that are low in carbs.

Ultimately, the best diet for you is the one that you can stick with, that nourishes and satisfies you, and leads you steadily toward your goals; whether that's to lose fat or just to give your body a healthful boost!

How much does a custom keto diet cost?

If you go to a traditional nutritionist, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars just to get started. An eight-week meal plan can cost almost a thousand dollars!
But now keto services, like Rachel Roberts's, are offering their services at a fraction of the cost; you can get access to a complete diet plan starting at just $37.

And the reputable services will offer a money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied with the results.

A keto meal/diet planner

How much weight can you lose in a month on keto?

This question is highly subjective and variable. 

If you're trying to lose fat, it depends on how much you have to lose in the first place. Everyone's metabolism is a bit different, and so will react individually.

However, if you properly enter ketosis with your science-based diet program, fat loss will be continuous. Many people are surprised at how quickly they've been able to lose weight.

Weight measuring

Weight loss isn't immediate, and most of the decrease in the first week of keto is water weight. But once you're in ketosis, be assured that weight loss is occurring, as your body must burn fat cells for energy.

The internet is full of anecdotal accounts of terrific weight loss. If you're looking for a custom keto diet review, a quick search will return many stories.


What is the smoothie diet?

With so many diets advertised to us, it can be difficult to tell them apart. Is the keto diet about eating meat? (hint: no). Is a smoothie diet the same thing as a liquid diet? Also no!

A smoothie diet refers simply to the practice of replacing one or two meals a day with smoothies. The benefit is that smoothies are highly customizable, not to mention delicious, so you can pack great nutrition into a low-calorie beverage!

Keto smoothies are wonderful and can definitely play a role in your custom keto diet plan.

Keto watermelon smoothie

Can you drink alcohol on keto?

While there are a few exceptions, alcohol generally prohibits ketosis. This is because most alcohol contains enough carbohydrates in a single drink to upset the balance of keto.

Beer is a no-go, most wines and spirits are also too carb-dense and sugary for a ketogenic diet.

Some vodkas or other clear spirits have few carbs enough to permit a small quantity within ketosis. This is something that a comprehensive custom keto diet plan will cover.

What are the health benefits of the keto diet?

In addition to fat-burning weight loss, the keto diet offers several other health benefits:

  • Lowered blood sugar
  • Epileptic seizure mitigation
  • Mental health boons (decreased depression, increased energy)
  • Several other postulated (but unproven) benefits, including decreased cancer risk and decreased chance of Alzheimer's

The ketones produced by the liver during ketosis are special energy molecules that have very positive effects on brain function.

This mild but flavorful curry will make a great meal for the entire family! Tender chicken breast strips in a rich and creamy blend of coconut milk, basil and Thai spices.

Thai-style coconut chicken

Ketosis shouldn't be forever

While these benefits are desirable, it's important to note that our bodies aren't meant to be in a ketogenic state forever.

Studies have shown that prolonged ketosis has negative consequences owing mostly to the individual's diet becoming unbalanced through the diet. These include kidney stress, nutritional deficiencies, and cardiovascular risk factors (as in this study).

To offset the lost vitamins and minerals we typically get from starchy vegetables and whole grains, you may want to take dietary supplements to round out your diet.


With today's technology and scientific knowledge of nutrition, it ought to be easier to eat healthfully toward any goal you have.

The keto diet is great for many of our common health goals, and a custom keto diet plan is a cost-effective way to make your new diet easy.


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