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Full of flavor, not of bad stuff.

We’re on a mission to make clean eating taste delicious.

Paleo and Keto-Certified

We love certifications. We’ve got some others too, like Certified Gluten-Free and Non-GMO Project Verified.

No Refined Sugar. Ever.

The basis of every healthy eating plan is to reduce sugar intake. We’ve got you covered here.

Gluten & Soy Free

We work in that creamy goodness and umami flavor using ingredients like coconut milk and coconut aminos.

Cage Free Chicken Raised without Hormones or Antibiotics

We’re all about food you can feel good about.


Product Reviews

Our easy, flavorful foods get a lot of love. Find out why.

"I'm seriously considering drinking the sauce right now."


"Such an easy, healthy, versatile dish. My favorite go-to!"


"Amazing! We eat this once a week! Delish!"


"I could eat this every. single. day."

Lynette C.