Are Meal Kits Worth the Money?

food being put into a takeout box

The appeal of a meal kit delivery service is apparent. Who wouldn't want delicious meals delivered straight to their door?

As meal delivery services have become more popular in recent years, the question begs to be answered: why not? For many of us, of course, there is a question of money. Are meal delivery kits worth their cost?

In this blog, we'll be looking at the per-serving meal kit cost services to answer this question.

food packed in a box

Do meal services save you money?

It depends on how you use them.

Meal planning can be confusing, and less-than-mindful grocery shopping can lead to food waste. The meal prep cost at the grocery store is only part of the cost as you then need to dedicate time and discipline to cooking the ingredients and sticking to a plan before the meals expire in your fridge.

If you find yourself throwing out food that's gone bad, then a meal kit service could help.

Are meal kits cheaper than eating out?

Even worse financially, if you find yourself without enough food in the fridge come meal time and resort to ordering takeout, you're wasting money on food you could be getting from a meal delivery service (and it would likely be much healthier). 

Just one order of takeout can be two or three times as expensive as a serving from a meal-delivery kit, and delivery fees exacerbate the problem.

Another problem with eating out is the inability to control what ingredients go into your food.  This can be a big problem if you're trying to eat a paleo lifestyle that avoids processed foods or even more if you're trying to maintain a state of ketosis.  Ensuring restaurants serve what is keto diet inclusive is a gamble since carbs are so prevalent in the modern diet.

Kevin’s eliminates this problem with a convenient and cost-effective meal kit option.

A box of teriyaki-style beef next to its content

For the real-world

In a perfect world, we would all meal-plan with precision, buying only the healthy groceries we need and eating 100% of them.

But life doesn't always go that way, and when things get chaotic or unexpected, meal kit delivery services give us the grace to help us reduce food waste and eat healthy (not to mention, delicious).


There's a wide range of per-serving prices in the meal kit market.

Some of these services send you ready-to-eat meals that only require you to heat them up. This can be good for those of us who have no experience with cooking techniques.

Our ready-to-eat roasted garlic chicken is enough to get you going:

A scrumptious entrée that will soon become a family favorite -- tender chicken breast strips paired with a vibrant cream sauce made with roasted garlic, coconut milk, and a hint of lemon.

Roasted Garlic Chicken

High-end example

On the most expensive side of the scale, we have services like Balanced Bites, which sends you convenient and healthy meals for $16.99 per serving.

Affordable example

Others are more spartan, providing the ingredients and recipe suggestions, but leaving you to do the prepping and cooking. Take, for example, EveryPlate, which simplifies its offerings to give you a per-serving cost of only $4.99.

Kevin's cost

Kevin's gives you maximum convenience, nutrition, and flavor, all at only $6 per serving. Our entrees and sides require no prep; just five minutes to heat, combine, and plate for a scrumptious meal.

Are home chefs expensive?

A personal chef... what a dream. With some of these services, however, you can get pretty close. Many of the more expensive options boast of their team of chefs crafting all of their recipes. Some, like Cook Unity, make chef-centrality a defining feature.

Someone preparing a meal

Is meal prepping cheaper?

Meal-prepping is a great way to simplify meal-time throughout the week. Kevin's is your best friend in this endeavor, providing dishes that fit seamlessly into meal prep plans.

A cohesive plan

For example, you could meal-prep rice and vegetables for most of the week. When it's time to eat, break out a Kevin's dish like the Cilantro Lime Chicken, heat it all up, and combine! You've super-charged your meal with Kevin's.

Here's our Cilantro Lime Chicken:

A memorable entrée that will soon become a weekly staple -- tender chicken breast strips in a bright chimichurri sauce made with cilantro, lime, and garlic.

Cilantro Lime Chicken

Saving money with Kevin's

Some people may be reluctant to try a meal kit service because they believe it's too expensive. But if you find yourself tossing food that's gone bad or caving for takeout, then Kevin's can save you money without sacrificing an iota of flavor.

With clean, nutritious, and tasty meals awaiting, you can feel great about ordering meal kits from Kevin's.