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Good meal plans make eating healthy easy. Ideally, you never have to worry about what you're going to eat and can make sure those meals are packed full of nutrition.

The health benefits associated with clean and nutritious eating are numerous: you can enjoy more energy, get better sleep, bolster your immune system, and even lose weight healthily under certain circumstances.

But there are potholes on the road to holistic meal prep. For some, large-batch cooking can be prohibitive and the grocery shopping logistics can be befuddling. Then, if you're caught without healthy meals prepared one night, you may have to resort to ordering expensive and/or unhealthy takeout.

For keto-dieters this can be even more of a risk since the state of ketosis that you've spent weeks working towards can be broken by an unhealthy meal.  Or for those who have begun paleo to improve their health, a sudden shift back to processed food can have consequences on how you feel.

Meal prep and meal prep delivery services can really help for these situations as they allow you to spend one or two days a week focused on what is keto diet or paleo lifestyle friendly.

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Does meal prepping save money?

While prepping your own meals can save you a lot of money, even one meal of takeout will cost several times more than one prepared in advance.

To ease the task of prepping your own meals, there are meal prep services: companies that provide regularly scheduled deliveries of fresh food and accompanying cooking instructions. Closely related are meal kit services. 

What are meal kits? These services take things a step further and send you ready-to-eat meal kits (which can also be incorporated with your own food).

Check out our ready to eat Cauli & Cheese:

Tender chicken breast strips and sous-vide vegetables paired with a soy-free teriyaki sauce made with coconut aminos, ginger, and garlic.

Cauli & Cheese

How much does it cost to meal prep per week?

The answer to this question is highly individual. It depends on how much you eat, the kinds of foods you eat, and how efficient you are with your ingredients (ie. how little food you waste). It will vary with your location and whether you use food delivery services.

For a single person eating three meals a day, you can expect to pay at least a bit north of $100 per week on food for meal prep. This number may change widely based on your circumstances. Compared to eating out, good meal prep can save you immense amounts of money in the long run.

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The costs of a meal prep service

There is a wide price range in the meal prep service market.

Companies like EveryPlate provide a service that costs only $4.99 per serving, which is comparable to what you could spend frugally at the grocery store.

Others, like Factor, which will run you $10.79 per serving, offer a somewhat more premium or specialized service.

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Averaging around $6 per adult serving, Kevin's entrees and sides are extremely cost-effective meal kits. Enjoy standalone or combine with other ingredients for endless delicious recipes. Just check out our constantly-growing recipe catalog for inspiration.

Check out our cost effective Chicken Tikka Masala:

Tender chicken breast strips in a bright tomato curry made with coconut milk, ginger, and Indian spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Is it safe to meal prep for a week?

Different ingredients last in the fridge or freezer for different amounts of time. If you are just refrigerating your meal prep, as a general rule you should not cook for more than a few days at a time, or else bacteria could build up. By freezing and then defrosting, you can expand the time scope of your meal plan.

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Hack meal prep with Kevin's

Done correctly, meal prep can save you money and supercharge your nutrition. Try Kevin's entrees and sides to see how our products can merge blissfully with your diet, bringing flavor and convenience without a single guilty ingredient.