A Comprehensive Guide to Gluten-Free Alcohol

a shot of gluten-free vodka

What alcohol is gluten-free?

There are many people with celiac disease, who still want to drink wine and other alcoholic beverages. These individuals know that the effect of consuming gluten-based products on their health and body could be severe.

Hence, they opt for a more suitable option that doesn't involve the consumption of gluten products. These individuals might have been trying gluten free diet for a period of time, but want to try a total makeover of their diet, hence the desire.

Taking gluten free alcoholic beverages might not feel the same as consuming the real unbranded and unfiltered alcoholic beverage, but it sure does its job of reducing the numbers of individuals in the hospital for celiac disease.

Hence, ordering gluten free alcoholic beverages when in a bar could be either awkward or seemingly uncomfortable for the said individual. For alcohol to be considered gluten free, it would need to pass certain tests approved by the health organization in that country or state.

There are several alcoholic drinks that contain gluten, because they are made from gluten grain. This list contains most beers, liquors and gins; however, eliminating the presence of gluten in such beverage isn't a hard task.

Making gluten free liquor is not complex at all, it might require a few extra steps and have a taste that is somewhat different from regular alcohol. Still, for individuals with celiac disease and in the gluten free market, there are certain companies focused on making gluten free alcohol.

Gluten-free brandy

What Alcohol Can I drink Gluten free? Can It work with a Gluten free Diet?

There are certain beers that will have the label "gluten free alcohol". These gluten removed beers are produced by companies in the gluten free market, and their sales are directed toward individuals with celiac disease or those who want to try a gluten-free diet.

For individuals that prefer the classy taste of wine and brandy, you don't have to worry too much. Most wine and brandy are gluten free, but it is important that you check if it has gluten free ingredients, to know if it is completely gluten free.

If you aren't sure about the content or the integrity of the producing company, then you can stick with plain wines. Getting wine gluten free is very common, as wine made from pure grapes is normally gluten free.

Also, people who can't handle gluten should avoid liquor produced from gluten grains. They include and are not limited to vodka, bourbon, gin, and whiskey.

Distilled alcohol or gluten free wine made from grains other than wheat, rye, or barley is approved gluten free by the FDA. Hence, they are great for individuals having issues with gluten and other gluten products.

Companies also produce plain rum and tequila gluten free. However, try to avoid delicious hard cider, mixed drinks and other soda-based drinks that aren't labeled gluten free.

A bottle of Smirnoff

Is Smirnoff Naturally Gluten free?

No Alcohol is certified naturally gluten free; however, certain beverage companies have gone through great lengths to ensure their products are great for individuals on a gluten free diet.

However, gluten free drinkers can rest assured, as Smirnoff is certified gluten free. It is one of the few companies making vodka gluten free, without any side effects or harm to gluten drinkers.

As mentioned earlier, it is good for people with gluten sensitivity, and since it is labeled gluten free, it won't trigger its drinkers' gluten allergy. Another substitute would be cold river vodka, but you can drink it or Smirnoff without any worries.

Glasses of wine being held up

Which Wine is gluten free?

There are several wines and wine recipes all over the world providing non-gluten and gluten free options for people with gluten allergies. These wines are also great for people with celiac disease, as it doesn't aggravate their condition, and actually don't contain gluten.

They include drinks like Bordeaux, Zinfandel, Moscato, merlot, pinot grigio, Chardonnay, Chianti, malbec, port, rose, and other sweet dessert wines. Other sparkling wines like Champagne and Prosecco are also gluten free alcoholic beverages.

Wine is naturally gluten free, but depending on the manufacturer, you might need to check the label for assurance. Certain production practices cause some wine brands to have gluten in them.

For example, during refining, gluten is used in the fining process, before it is aged in oak barrels that are sealed with wheat paste. This process adds tiny but visible amounts of gluten to the beverage. 

Gluten free wines also offer the benefit of often being lower in carbs which is great for wine lovers who worry about how many carbs on the keto diet they can have in a day.

Also, certain wine cocktails are prepared with one gluten containing grain and other gluten containing ingredients. Certain flavored wine beverages are also made with gluten containing grains to give them the desired flavoured.

Other wines include vermouth gluten free, since it lacks any gluten ingredients.

Absolut vodka

Is Absolut Gluten free?

Some vodka isn't naturally gluten free, but as mentioned earlier, that would depend on the manufacturers of the alcoholic beverage. Drinks like Absolut vodka are prepared with gluten ingredients and isn't good for people who belong to the gluten intolerance group.

According to the glutenfreebar, Absolut is made with winter wheat, a grain that produces gluten proteins. It is one of the few wheat based vodkas that have created a controversy over the contents of plain vodka.

Many people claim to experience gluten sensitivity after consuming any vodka made from wheat. Despite the distillation process purported removal of gluten proteins (and yes, they claim it's not just the hangover) they still experience this with .

However, if you drink vodka manufactured from non-wheat ingredients like grapes, potatoes, or corn, you probably won't have any problems. Interestingly, even though vodka may be made with potatoes, the results of the distilling process is what is keto diet inclusive.

Either way, even if a vodka seems to be gluten free, please carefully read the ingredient and nutrition label as some can have hidden sources of gluten.

Pouring beer

What Common beers are gluten free alcoholic beverages?

Regular beers are produced from water, yeast, hops, wheat or barley—two gluten-containing grains—are the other ingredients. Hard ciders are examples of gluten free beer, but the manufacturers might add a little bit of malt or barley, making the malt beverages.

There are numerous gluten-free beers available as an alternative that are produced using gluten-free grains such sorghum, rice, and millet. However, there is a different between gluten free and gluten removed beers, we'll see that here.

Gluten removed beers are also different from other naturally gluten free beers and gluten reduced beers. Gluten-free beers are brewed from gluten-free grains and are governed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rather than the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), in contrast to most regular beers.

Gluten-free beers must adhere to FDA regulations and have a gluten content of less than 20 parts per million (ppm). On your search for gluten-free beer, you'll probably come across beverages marked "gluten-removed" or "gluten-reduced," but these are not gluten-free.

Beer that has had the gluten removed is produced from cereal grains like rye, barley, or wheat. There is a low chance that someone with a gluten allergy or intolerance would develop an immunological reaction because it is processed using enzymes that break down gluten particles into smaller fragments.

Hence, beers being gluten free would need to go through gluten testing to be approved as gluten removed beer or gluten reduced beer. People who absolutely hate beer don't have to worry about any after effects since they wouldn't be drinking beer at all.


Are all Vodkas gluten free?

There are various gluten free alcoholic drinks, available to people who want to participate in gluten free living or have gluten sensitivity. Not all vodkas are made with gluten -most of them are naturally free from gluten.

However, most manufacturers tend to add gluten ingredients and a gluten protein to their distillation process. Some other manufacturers prefer to produce gluten free vodka for individuals who want to enjoy a gluten free alcoholic beverage.

So, to answer the question, not all vodkas are gluten free, but in the production process they come gluten free. Although a very tricky alcohol, the gluten content in vodka depends on the manufacturers and target consumers.

Shots of Tequila

Is All Tequila Gluten free?

Yes. Tequila that has been purified and distilled and is often prepared from blue agave plant is regarded as gluten-free.

People with celiac disease can drink tequila even if it is mixtos, which means that it has additional sugars or natural sugar cane added and at least 51% agave. Hence, tequila is one of the gluten free liquors meant for everyone.

Corona beer in snow

Is Corona Beer Gluten free?

No. The following ingredients are found in Corona: water, barley malt, rice, yeast, and hops.

Corona is not advised for those with celiac disease because it contains barley malt, which is not gluten-free. Corona is actually not on any gluten free alcohol listing.

Is Bud light gluten free?

No. Bud light is not a gluten free beer. It doesn't help non celiac gluten sensitivity, and it is bad for people who want to live gluten free.

A bottle of Baileys

Is Baileys gluten free?

Irish whiskey, which is made from cereals containing gluten, is an ingredient in Baileys. The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau claims that whiskey and other distilled spirits are nevertheless deemed gluten-free because of the processing that the grains go through during distillation.

Which Vodkas are gluten free?

If you have an allergy, celiac disease, or have chosen an alternative diet to fit your lifestyle, you are aware of how crucial it is to thoroughly investigate the contents in everything you eat—yes, including your martini.

Part of our gluten free alcohol list includes vodkas like Ciroc, Tito's handmade vodka, Crystal head, grey goose, cold river vodka or cold river gin, Boyd & Blair Potato vodka, and a lot of others containing gluten free items.

Which drinks contain gluten?

Beers like baileys, hennesey, wheat beers, lagers, and Heineken. Gin is not gluten free, as making gin gluten free is a very tricky process.

Bottle wine coolers, mixed drinks, certain cocktails and vodkas make a person experience gluten cross reaction. Hence, drinking them could pose a risk on such individual's health.

Certain rum can be gluten free too. Although the majority of rum is not, making rum gluten free isn't as hectic as making gin free from gluten.