The Benefits of Meal Kits

The Benefits of Meal Kits

At Kevin's, we're creating a solution for the challenges posed by today's eating culture. We are strapped for time, we are surrounded by unhealthy food; yet we crave novel and delicious culinary experiences.

What can a meal kit delivery service bring to this?

In this blog, we'll cover the reasons more and more people are using meal kit companies to bolster their diets and simplify their nutrition.

What are meal kit delivery services?

Meal delivery services have proliferated in recent years as more people perceive their benefits.

A meal delivery service can be broadly defined as any offered service that brings food (ready-to-eat or separate ingredients) to your residence. This excludes takeout restaurant food.

Within that definition, there are many examples of meal delivery services. Some are designed for specific diets, some prioritize farm-fresh ingredients. They're all intended to make food procurement easier and mealtime more delicious.

Vegetable Food basket, carrot, lettuce and cabbage

How do meal kit plans work?

These meal kits services work in a variety of different ways, from a regular subscription to one-time order, from hyper-specific diet regimens to unique bundles of produce. To choose one, you'll have to consider what you want out of a meal kit service.

Kevin's meal kits are designed to supply healthy meals in the most direct way possible.

Our entrees have two or three servings of nutritious protein and a delicious sauce - combined in a pan with your cooking fat of choice (like olive oil), you have a ready-to-eat meal in five minutes.

Kevin's meals

When you order a box of entrees from Kevin's, you can mix and match eight individual entrees and sides, creating a personalized menu of delicious and healthy foods to enjoy in a multitude of ways.

Looking through the catalogue, you can select meals with ingredients you like and avoids ones you don't.  The catalogue will even indicate what is paleo and what is keto diet friendly to help you stay on track with your current diet or get started on a new one. 

Compared to other services, Kevin’s combines the pros while doing away with the cons: convenient and fresh food with minimal waste and no preservatives.

Are meal kit boxes worth it?

If you find yourself strapped for food preparation time, throwing together something unsatisfying, or else indulging in takeout a little too often; or if your cooking skills just aren't what you wish they were at the moment, then meal kits delivery services can absolutely be worth it.

With long shelf lives and precise serving sizes, Kevin's products also contribute much less food waste than other food delivery services or traditional grocery shopping. Produce can easily go to waste when purchased in bulk. With Kevin's, none of your food will go to waste.

You can check out this Kevin's paleo chicken piccata and have it delivered.

Tender chicken breast strips paired with a vibrant Piccata sauce made with garlic, capers, and a hint of lemon.

Kevin's Chicken Piccata


Are meal kits healthier?

When we don't have proper time to meal prep something healthy, eating habits can turn lazy - fast food appeals, cheap snacks are easy, and eating out is justified by desperation. Meal kits help us when we are down in this predicament. You need only pull a Kevin's dish from your fridge and enjoy it as part of one of our easy recipes or completely on its own!

These entrees are packed with good nutrition and nothing else, no artificial preservatives, no antibiotics. Only wholesome ingredients, prepared with precision and care. Most of our offerings are keto, paleo, or both, so they're compatible with a variety of diets.

Do meal kit services save money?

Meal kits can absolutely save you money. When we don't have proper groceries, the shortcuts we take are expensive (nutritionally and financially!). A Kevin's entree, giving you a full hearty meal by itself or in conjunction with side dishes, costs much less than even an inexpensive takeout meal.

chicken pasta

What are the negatives of a meal kit delivery?

There are really only negatives to meal kit delivery if you misuse the service. That is, if you order a bulk of food but do not use it, or if you receive foods that you won't eat. Kevin's tries to minimize this phenomenon by providing boxes comprised of your selections.

The math doesn't lie, our boxes of entrees and sides are extremely cost-effective per meal, and the food you'll receive is of the highest quality.

Taste the benefits yourself

With Kevin's meal kits, your eating habits are energized and simplified. Healthy and delicious meals will await you for easy preparation at any time. No more spending hours in the grocery store or trying to figure out the best day to meal prepStop worrying about eating healthy, and just start eating! Once you try our premium meal kits, you'll understand why so many swear by Kevin's.