Paleo Thanksgiving

paleo thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. America’s annual holiday to express gratitude, connect with family and friends, and of course, EAT. If you are lucky enough to get to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast this holiday season, consider skipping the overindulgence and instead making a healthy twist on your traditional Thanksgiving meal by making it Paleo.

A food is considered “paleo” if it was part of early human’s diet during the paleolithic era. Modern human beings have not evolved as fast as our food supply has since the industrial revolution and thus our biology still thrives best on modern versions of foods that our paleolithic ancestors could have hunted and gathered.

However lucky for you, you don’t have to roast your turkey on a spigot outside your house to execute a paleo thanksgiving this year. Instead, impress your friends and family with these health-conscious, paleo renditions of their feast favorites.

paleo thanksgiving


Let’s face it, you can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey! And lucky for us, turkey is 100% paleo! Although the bird equivalents that were roaming the lands during the time of our paleolithic ancestors were likely much smaller than the gargantuan birds that end up on our dining room tables today, turkey will remain the main staple of your paleo menu. Bake it, fry it (in non-industrial seed oil), barbeque it or smoke it and you’ve got yourself delicious paleo poultry.

paleo thanksgiving

Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes often get a bad rep for being unhealthy as they are often fried in pro-inflammatory, highly processed oils and over consumed with fast food, but potatoes in and of themselves are quite healthy, very nutrient dense and perfectly paleo!

All strains of white and sweet potatoes are chock full of micronutrients like potassium, phosphorus and Vitamin C. Make sure to save and eat the leftovers - potatoes that have been cooled after cooking have high amounts of resistant starch which helps support a healthy gut flora!

Tangy Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce

Did you know cranberries are one of a handful of fruits native to the United States? As long as you keep the refined sugar out of the recipe, your cranberry sauce can stay on your paleo menu this year as well.

Try Kevin’s Natural Foods Certified Paleo ​Cranberry Sauce sweetened with monk fruit extract, coconut sugar and zested with orange juice and peel for a delicious tart, paleo turkey topper.

Fresh crunchy green beans

Green Beans

If you are sticking with traditional, no other veggie screams Thanksgiving like green beans. And best yet, green beans are inherently paleo! Avoid adding cheese, cream, or refined grain products like crackers or breadcrumbs, and instead season with olive or avocado oil and herbs and spices to keep your beans paleo friendly.

Kevin's Natural Foods Turkey Gravy


No thanksgiving plate can be complete without gravy drizzled (or doused) over everything! Traditional gravy isn’t technically paleo as it contains flour from refined grains. But Grandma’s family recipe doesn’t have to be retired forever. Instead trade out the white flour for another starch like arrowroot powder or tapioca starch to create a modern paleo twist to this Thanksgiving staple.

If you want to save yourself time and labor attempting to get your gravy perfectly thick, turn to Kevin’s Natural Foods for their paleo-adjacent, gluten free Turkey Gravy. This creamy, keto-friendly sauce is a perfect addition to every Thanksgiving menu this season.

Kevin’s Paleo Turkey Gravy and Keto Cranberry Sauce are available at Sprout’s nationwide. Find a store near you!