A Beginner's Guide - How to Start a Paleo Lifestyle Plan

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How to Start a Paleo Lifestyle Plan

Inspiration for your paleo meal plan

The Paleo lifestyle, based on the diet believed to have been eaten by our Paleolithic-era ancestors, is based on the principle of eliminating processed foods.

The thinking goes that our gut biome and metabolism evolved to consume the whole foods eaten until the agricultural revolution.

Bread was easy to mass-produce, but not necessarily better for us.

From that point, our foods have become increasingly processed and modified, high-fructose corn syrup and additives plaguing our diets, confusing our metabolisms, and inviting all manner of diseases and maladies.

Paleo-Keto food

Something to note

There is no consensus among anthropologists on the topic of what our hunter-gather ancestors ate in the Paleolithic era. It's a difficult question and the evidence isn't conclusive.

Does this mean that Paleo is nonsense? No. While the historical truth is more complicated than "they ate this and not this," the Paleo lifestyles emphasis on whole foods can be recognized for its standalone virtue - all our processed foods certainly harm our health, and we would do well to eat a bit cleaner.

Eating clean - the Paleo lifestyle

Once you get into it, the Paleo lifestyle rules are not so strange. For most, changing to a paleo meal plan would involve small but important modifications to the diet.

By focusing on vegetables, organic proteins, and healthy fats, Paleo puts nutritious foods front and center.

It's no wonder Paleo has become a preferred diet for those looking to lose weight or generally improve their health. You are what you eat.

Jumpstarting your every day Paleo meal plan

In this blog, you'll learn easy and delicious Paleo recipes that can be meal prepped ahead of time for straightforward diet planning.

Check our paleo Chicken Tikka Masala:

Tender chicken breast strips in a bright tomato curry made with coconut milk, ginger, and Indian spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala

How do you do the paleo lifestyle step by step?

First, the foods you'll be eliminating from your diet -

  • Sugar and high-fructose corn syrup
  • Artificial sweeteners - natural sweeteners like honey are allowed
  • Grains: bread, pasta, most rice, etc.
  • Legumes: beans, lentils, peanuts, etc.
  • Dairy - some full-fat dairy is permitted in some variations of the Paleo lifestyle, but most is forbidden
  • Soybean oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, and some other oils
  • Trans fats, like those found in hydrogenated oils
  • Processed foods: most anything made in a factory. If it says "diet," or "low-fat," consider it a red flag.
A picture of yam, pumpkin and carrots

Paleo foods

Now, let's give an idea of the foods that the Paleo lifestyle champions -

  • Meat: beef, chicken, lamb, pork, turkey - always organic and grass-fed, never a proceed version
  • Fish & seafood: trout, salmon, haddock, shrimp - always choose wild-caught if you can
  • Fruits & vegetables: If it can be plucked from nature, it's Paleo. Vegetables and fruits are the backbones of the Paleo lifestyle.
  • Tubers: potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, turnips - a great source of carbohydrates on the Paleo lifestyle
  • Nuts & seeds: almonds, macadamias, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.
  • Healthy fats: Extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, coconut milk/oil, etc.
  • Salt & spices

There's a lot to work with. Here are some incredible Paleo recipes, two for each meal of the day, that can get you started on Paleo eating and show you how delicious this diet plan can be.

What should I order on the paleo lifestyle?

A lot. Unlike some diets, like what is keto diet approved, which restrict foods based on certain nutritional content, as long as you avoid the processed foods listed above, your options are limitless. Choose dishes with a vegetable or protein base, add variety with spices, nuts & seeds, and a dose of healthy fat for a well-rounded meal.


Here are some scrumptious Paleo breakfasts.

A picture of eggs, mushrooms and onions

Paleo breakfast bowls

These breakfast bowls combine hearty vegetables with protein and are topped with an egg. Easy to make and full of nutrients, this dish will fuel you for the day ahead. You can even use some leftovers, like, say, leftover roast chicken, to further simplify the prep.

Are eggs paleo?

Absolutely. Humans have been eating eggs for roughly six million years; keep on cracking.

Paleo smoothies

Prefer something lighter and perhaps even liquid for your first meal? The options here are endless. Fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds are easily combined for delicious smoothies, take these recipes as inspiration. Add almond butter for a boost of healthy fats (despite being "processed," high-quality almond butter without added sugar is typically allowed).

Are bananas paleo?

While the modern banana didn't exist until recent farming strategies, the banana has existed in one form or another for a long time. Bananas are certified Paleo.


Mid-day, you need some protein to maintain your energy.

Thai Coconut Chicken Sandwich

This Kevin's recipe is sure to expand your concept of Paleo eating.

Paleo bread or a lettuce wrap cocoons a wonderful Thai-style chicken salad, utilizing Kevin's Thai Coconut sauce.

Check out Kevin's Thai-Style Coconut Chicken:

This mild but flavorful curry will make a great meal for the entire family! Tender chicken breast strips in a rich and creamy blend of coconut milk, basil and Thai spices.

Thai-Style Coconut Chicken

Lemongrass Chicken Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry

This favorite Kevin's recipe finds a creative solution to the grain exclusion of Paleo: cauliflower rice. Easy to make and packed with nutrients, this dish uses Kevin's Lemongrass Chicken to dazzling effect.

Here's Kevin's Lemongrass Chicken:

Tender chicken breast strips in a vibrant lemongrass sauce made with coconut milk, basil, and hints of garlic. Perfect date night dinner (hide the package and you take the credit :)

Kevin's Lemongrass Chicken

Can you eat rice on paleo?

Some Paleo purists avoid rice entirely, but evidence suggests that humans have been eating small amounts of white rice for a very long time. Ultimately, whether to eat rice or replace it with something like cauliflower rice is a personal choice.


Winding down, these flavorful Paleo lifestyle meals make lovely dinners.

Ground Turkey Tacos with Tomatillo Sauce

Taco night, anyone? Subbing traditional tacos shells for grain-less shells or lettuce wraps is simple enough, and you can even sub the turkey for ground beef. With Kevin's Tomatillo Sauce tying it together, you can't go wrong with this classic dish.

Check out Kevin's Tomatillo Sauce:

A verde taco sauce made with tomatillos, roasted poblanos, and traditional Mexican spices. Good on just about anything -- steak tacos, chicken burrito bowls, or a plate full of carnitas.

Kevin's tomatillo sauce

Teriyaki Salmon

An elegant and supremely healthy dish, this recipe focuses on cooking your salmon and veggies perfectly and lets Kevin's Teriyaki Sauce do the rest.

Remember, choose wild-caught salmon, it makes a difference.

Here's Kevin's Teriyaki Sauce:

A verde taco sauce made with tomatillos, roasted poblanos, and traditional Mexican spices. Good on just about anything -- steak tacos, chicken burrito bowls, or a plate full of carnitas.

Kevin's Teriyaki Sauce


Going Paleo

Devising a Paleo lifestyle meal plan is easier than it sounds and more delicious than you might think. Eating whole, nutritious foods is part of a balanced lifestyle, and Kevin's is here to make the right choice easy.

Is exercise recommended on the paleo lifestyle?

As with any other diet geared toward improving your health, regular exercise is heartily recommended. You don't need to start training for a triathlon, but getting outside and moving with some vigor is a key component of health, especially if weight loss or heart health is a goal for you.

Kevin's mission

At Kevin's, we have a vision of eating clean made easy, with products designed to give you fantastic nutrition without ever sacrificing flavor. Check out the rest of our recipes for more great Paleo meal ideas.