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Fiesta Breakfast Bowl

Enjoy a Fiesta Bowl for breakfast without any of the junk. This breakfast bowl is loaded with the perfect balance of macronutrients to start your day off right. What's more, you have the flexibility to switch it up between Kevin's Classic Taco Sauce or spice it up with the Kevin's Tomatillo Sauce.

Prep Time 5 Minutes
Cook Time 10 Minutes
Serves 2 Servings
This Recipe Uses

Kevin's Classic Taco Sauce


Kevin's Natural Foods Classic Taco Sauce or Kevin's Natural Foods Cilantro Lime Sauce
3/4 LB Sausage (we love Aidells pre-cooked sausage)
2 Medium Sweet Potatoes
2 Handfuls Spinach
1 Egg
1 TBSP Cooking Oil
Salt & Pepper
Green onion, for garnish


  • 1

    Roughly peel sweet potatoes and then dice them into cubes, approximately 1/2 inch.

    Short on time (aren’t we all)? Skip the peel step! Not only will it save you time, the sweet potato peel has lots of nutrients. Double score!

  • 2

    We’re going to give the sweet potatoes a yummy crunch before we bake them. So first preheat your oven to 350° F, and then grab a large pan and heat it on HIGH for 1 minute. Add 1 TBSP of your favorite cooking oil and then add your sweet potatoes, making sure all cubes come into contact with the pan. Lightly season them with salt and pepper and cook on HIGH for 7-8 minutes, stirring occasionally.

  • 3

    Remove your sweet potatoes from the pan and place them in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes while you prepare your sausage.

    You can use the same cutting board and pan you used for the sweet potatoes for the sausage. No risk of cross contamination whatsoever! And a couple less dishes in the dishwasher is always nice!

  • 4

    Cut sausage into halves.

  • 5

    Get your pan nice and hot! Usually this takes about 2 minutes. Then add 1 TBSP of your favorite cooking oil. Place sausage in a single layer, making sure all halves come into contact with the pan. Lightly season with salt and pepper. Cook sausage 8-10 minutes or until hot turning occasionally.

  • 6

    Once the sausage is brown, add a couple handfuls of spinach to the pan. Stir spinach and sausage together for 1 minute until the spinach cooks down.

  • 7

    Next, turn the heat to LOW and add Kevin’s Classic Taco Sauce or Kevin's Cilantro Lime Sauce (the best part in our opinion!). Gently coat sausage and spinach with sauce.

  • 8

    Fiesta Breakfast Bowl Assemble! Grab your bowl and add your sweet potatoes to the bottom and work your way up: spinach, saucy sausage, egg, and garnish with fresh green onion.

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