Paleo Diet Snacks

Paleo Diet Snacks

Tips for snacking like our ancestors

The Paleo diet is based on the foods that would have been available to our ancestors, before around 10,000 BCE.

By removing processed foods, it aims to provide a diet that is balanced and suited to our native gut biome.

Eating Paleo can be exciting and vitalizing, and many dieters report increased energy after maintaining the diet for an extended period of time.

The snack conundrum

With vegetables and organic meats taking center stage in most dishes, it's not too complicated to eat Paleo at mealtime. But what about in between? Without berry bushes to harvest, getting a satisfying snack on Paleo can feel limiting - after all, so many of our common snacks are highly processed.

In this blog, you'll get ideas for healthy Paleo-approved snacks that will vanquish inter-meal cravings and give you wonderful, natural energy throughout the day.

Paleo snacking basics

Good Paleo snacks will have a balance of macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Each gives the body something unique that it needs.

But finding a macro balance in snack foods can be difficult, which is why we've provided plenty of recipe ideas from a variety of sources to jumpstart your Paleo journey.

Fresh fruit, nature's snack

In the age of Paleolithic humans, most people would have lived in and around plant life that produced fruit. Walking around the glade, they could simply pluck berries, citrus, melons, and more from the abundant vine.

Nowadays, most of us get our fruit from the grocery store, but that doesn't make fruit any less of a wondersnack. For the simplest Paleo diet snacks, fresh fruit is always a great option.

In the spirit of Paleo, opt for organic and even wild-harvested whenever you can.
An apple, a banana, or a handful of berries is a great Paleo snack. Top with your favorite nut butter (like cashew butter or almond butter) to give it more nutritional substance.

Easy prep snacks

Maybe you're needing something a little more filling and nutritionally rounded than fruit alone. For the next level in Paleo snacks, here are some simple and delicious combinations.

Flavored almonds

Almonds are an incredible food. They can become almond butter, almond flour, or almond milk. But they're wonderful all on their lonesome.

Toss your almonds in spices and herbs, like paprika, onion powder, and dried chives, for instantly snackable concoctions. Use other nuts and seeds and experiment to find the combination that speaks to you.

Hard-boiled eggs

This recipe from Food Faith Fitness distills the beautiful simplicity of a hard-boiled egg snack.

Cook the eggs whenever you have time, and they save easily in the fridge. Make an easy mix of spices, dip the eggs, and enjoy. With protein and fat, hard-boiled eggs are a fantastic Paleo snack.

Stuffed avocados

Avocados, full of healthy fats and other nutrients, can be a powerful part of your Paleo diet. For a hearty snack, stuff a halved avocado with egg salad.

An easy way to combine ingredients with satisfying results!

Coconut yogurt parfait

Dairy yogurt is forbidden on a Paleo diet, but coconut's versatility provides a solution.

Use unsweetened coconut yogurt, dense in calories and nutrients, and alternate with layers of fresh fruit and seeds (like chia seeds). Top with maple syrup for a sweet and nutritious snack.

Coconut products are some of Paleo's most useful tools. Coconut milk, coconut flour, and coconut oil have endless uses!

Easy Tandoori Cauliflower Bites

This classic Kevin's recipe makes a perfect quick appetizer or between-meal snack. All you need is an oven or Air Fryer. Marinated in a Kevin's sauce, these cauliflower bites have a lovely mellow spice and are paired perfectly with a Paleo-dip made with coconut yogurt and herbs.

Settle into snacktime

Snacking on Paleo doesn't have to be a headache. With these essential Paleo snacks and their many possible variations, you'll be ready to take the Paleo leap with confidence. Eating clean and healthy was never more delicious.